The Holly & The Ivy

 Tuesday, November 10, 2020     Natasha     Workshops

The Holly and The Ivy is an exploration using coloured pencils in colour, composition and tones using ivy and holly + berries to create a botanical art piece. The workshop will be taught by Jeannette Sirois through Zoom is posted on her website at: .

PLEASE NOTE:  Promotion of member art courses is a member benefit of Botanical Artists of Canada.  However, BAC in no way is involved with how the course is offered, the content of the course, or the way the instructor chooses to teach the course.  Additionally, BAC does no receive any financial benefit from any member course promoted through our website or social media.

Sketchbook Exchange

 Tuesday, June 25, 2019     Karen Logan     Education BAC Events Calls for Entries

We are thrilled to introduce the first ever BAC sketchbook exchange.

It is easy to participate in this project, no matter where you live. And by participating in the sketchbook exchange you will possess a unique book containing original art by botanical artists from across Canada.

Participants will be grouped - about 10 to 12 in a group -to exchange sketchbooks among themselves. Each artist will receive a sketchbook. After doing your sketch you pass the book along to the next person in your group, who will, in turn, add their sketch.  Each month you will receive a sketchbook, and add a sketch. After a year each participating artist has a sketchbook containing sketches by up to a dozen artists including themselves.

What will it cost? BAC members who want to participate will receive a high quality sketchbook at no cost.  You will also receive a mailing list for you group - and you will be expected to pay each month to mail a sketchbook on to the next artist.  To keep shipping costs down, you will be provided with sketchbooks which fit the requirements for oversize lettermail shipping. This will ensure that each sketchbook costs under $5 to ship.  You will be responsible for shipping a maximum of 12 sketchbooks over the course of the year.

How many sketches will I need to do?

You will do as many sketches as there are artists in your group - no more than 12. You will have one month to do each sketch, and pass the sketchbook along.  Your sketches will be unique in each book - you are not expected to repeat a sketch.

The Sketchbooks
BAC is providing sketchbooks, shipped to all participants, free of charge. These custom bound sketchbooks measure 7x10 inches and are filled with 140 lb, cotton watercolour paper in a Hot Pressed finish.  This paper is suitable for a wide variety of wet and dry media.
Once participants have signed up
1) BAC will mail out identical sketchbooks to all participants.  Each participant will receive one sketchbook.  This is YOUR sketchbook, but over the course of the year, it will travel around, collecting sketches from members all over the country, before returning to you at the end of the exchange.

2) Each month, you will fill one sketchbook page in your current sketchbook.  Feel free to express your creativity and personality.  Use your choice of media and show us how you prefer to work and what botanical subjects interest you. You are not expected to repeat sketches - every drawing and book will be unique.

3) After completing your sketchbook page each month, mail your sketchbook to the person whose address you have received. You’ll always mail your sketchbook to the same person.

4) You will receive another sketchbook from the previous person in the exchange. This new sketchbook will contain sketches from each of the previous participants. You may find their subjects and techniques inspire and guide you in creating your next sketchbook page.

5) Continue to fill pages and mail sketchbooks until you receive your original sketchbook.  Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your very own sketchbook containing original sketches by amazing botanical artists from across Canada.
How do I sign-up to participate?
Deadline for registration is July 10th, and we invite new members to join for the sketchbook exchange
Send an email to expressing your interest in participating and the mailing address you wish to use for this project.  Please put Sketchbook as the subject line of your email.
Thank you for joining us in this venture!

BAC Annual Meeting and Call for Nominations - Executive Group

 Sunday, January 21, 2018     unknown     AGM

The Botanical Artists of Canada (BAC) Executive Group which includes Officers and Directors consists of at least seven (7) but not more than eleven (11) members including the elected Chair (President), Vice Chair (Vice-President), Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, Communications Director, Exhibition Director and Regional Directors (3) - East, Central and West.

Please review the 2018 Call for Nominations


Karen Logan Art Studio Opening

 Thursday, September 12, 2019     Lee Angold     BAC Events

Featured Photo

Botanical Artists of Canada member and volunteer Karen Logan is opening her own private art studio at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton, ON.

All art lovers are invited to Karen Logan's studio opening on Friday, September 20th, 2019 from 7 - 9 PM.  Karen's studio is located at:

Studio 182 - Mill Arts Building, Cotton Factory

270 Sherman Ave N.

Hamilton, ON

L8L 6N4

See more of Karen's artwork and learn more about her in her member's gallery and on her website

Native Plants of Canada A BAC Members Non-Juried Exhibition May 5 to 27, 2018

 Wednesday, December 13, 2017     unknown     Exhibitions

We will need members/volunteers by January 20, 2018 to lead activities such as:

  • Art Review – lead committee (see below)
  • Graphic Design - design invite/e-vite and any printing
  • Public Relations & Communications – on-line publicity, send e-vite out to various individuals, organizations, publications, social media, etc.
  • Exhibition Sitters – coordinate/schedule sitters for Doors Open Hamilton and May 27th (to confirm)
  • Shipping Coordinator – coordinate BAC buddies to accept and shipping back art works from out-of-town/province members
  • Installation/De-installation – accept/vet artwork, hang and take down artwork
  • May 27th Celebration Reception – plan & manage food & refreshments, etc.

    Art Review: Non-Juried Selection Committee
    We would like to establish a non-jury selection committee to ensure our exhibition is balanced – consider size of gallery space, variety of subject (e.g. not all trilliums, milkweeds, similar colour).

    Please email with what exhibition activity you would like to help with.  Your support is needed to make the exhibition a SUCCESS!
Botanical Artists of Canada