To visit a member's gallery, click on a name shown below. You'll find a biography, images of drawings or paintings, and contact information for the artist.

To join our members' gallery, provide us with your biography (maximum 500 words), a digital image of up to six of your drawings or paintings, and your contact information.

For each digital image, provide the English name, and the Latin name if you can, as well as the medium you used. Minimum size for digital images is 700 pixels width or height, and they should be at least 72 DPI.

If you have your own website, include the URL. Send your files to, and we will contact you soon thereafter.

BAC's Definition of Botanical Art

We welcome beginning botanical artists, but by and large your work should aim to meet BAC's definition of botanical art:

Botanical art is art whose goal is to depict whole plants or parts of plants in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and scientifically accurate.
Botanical Artists of Canada